About counselling

People attend counselling for many reasons, and you should never feel ashamed to seek guidance when you feel you need it. There are times in our lives when we experience distressing events and feelings which seem to have no end or solution. Sometimes we know that our feelings are due to particular circumstances. At other times we may have no idea what is making us feel the way we do. 

Counselling can help people make sense of their thoughts and feelings to then be able to arrive at their own decision if a change is needed. Counselling can help if you wish to make major changes in life.   I can help if you are experiencing difficulties with:       

*Grief   * Anger * Anxiety * Depression * Stress  * Low self esteem issues * Work related stress 

 Please don't struggle on alone......you may be surprised at how talking things through can help. I can support you as you make sense of everything.
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