Why is it important to let others know how we are feeling?

Sharing our emotions can be difficult, and it doesn’t always come naturally.  But in sharing how we feel, this can help release any anxiety we may be experiencing, but bottling up. It can also help improve communication between people. If someone says "Talk to me", it means they really want to help you.
It is important to share our feelings with others so that they can try to understand why we may be behaving in a certain way, and maybe they can then comprehend what we are going through. Keeping things bottled up can be detrimental to our health and well-being and could lead to depression if we don't talk to someone. By masking our feelings and allowing layers to build, it is like we are papering over the cracks. On the surface everything may look great, but if we tear down those layers of paper, underneath needs a huge amount of attention.  Unfortunately, not everyone understands what we are going through, even if they try really hard, and this is not because they are uncaring or unfeeling, it is just that some people are better listeners than others. By opening up to others to let our feelings out and vent about a problem that has been simmering for a while, is a great way to release tension that could otherwise explode at the worst possible time. If we do not feel comfortable talking to a close friend or family member we can seek help from a counsellor. A counsellor might be the last resort for us, but nobody should have to face problems and try to deal with them alone.


Talking about something with somebody else can sometimes help us to see things from a different perspective. Sometimes we feel a bitbetter just by getting our feelings off our chests, and knowing that someone has listened to what we have said, and that we are not going mad!
It is human nature to crave closeness to other people and being able to share how we feel really has a positive effect on us. Sometimes we think the only way to deal with things is to keep them inside, because people won’t want to hear ‘me whining’ or ‘if I tell anyone how I feel, they will think I am weak’, if we feel like this, and believe everyone doesn’t care, the world can feel like a huge lonely place. If we contain our emotions, and use them  as ‘anchors’, and stay put and try to tread water, without reaching out, we are liable to drown out at sea!
Allow someone the chance to throw you a life line!
When we feel able to open up we can realise we are actually not alone. Humans interact and connect; it's what makes us caring and compassionate. We use mutually shared feelings and experiences to do so. When we share, we naturally connect.
Reach out......you might be surprised how many people are waiting to take your hand


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